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4 years—5 years


Our center participates in the Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program (VPK). This FREE, state-funded program provides 540 hours  in an educational setting to all children who are four years old on or before September 1st. This educational program was created to prepare every four-year-old in Florida for kindergarten and build the foundation for their educational success. The VPK program offers each child an opportunity to perform better in school and throughout life by offering quality programs that include developmentally appropriate curriculum with a focus on early literacy skills, accountability, manageable class size, and increased teacher credentials. 

VPK Registration Website: (Can you link this)


A strong emphasis is placed on literacy, phonemic awareness, beginning writing skills, math, and science. We understand that each child is an individual progressing at their own rate (socially, intellectually, emotionally, and physically). Our classrooms consist of clearly defined, well-equipped interest centers. These centers invite children to observe, interact, make choices and experiment. Because children ‘learn by doing,’ the quality of their learning environment is critical. We have chosen the Creative Curriculum as the foundation of our program because it focuses on creating an optimum learning environment for children.

All kinds of interesting people come to visit us and talk to the children about what they do. Policemen come with their police dogs, meteorologists from WINK come and teach us about weather, and dentists come and show the children how to care for their teeth properly.

A Christmas Program, Scholastic Book Fairs, and Kiddie Prom along with a spectacular Graduation ceremony are just a few of the special activities your child will participate in this year. 

We cannot wait to see your child in VPK!