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Daily Devotion is a special time in the classroom. Each week children learn a lesson from the Bible, along with a Bible song. Here at Peace we are planting the seeds of faith for spiritual growth in the future. Children learn to ask questions about God and talk about Him openly. With each passing lesson children eagerly anticipate the Bible teaching. Teachers engage the children's minds and hearts with the truth of God's word even at such an early age. They do so through Bible stories, finger plays, songs, creative art projects, and allowing children to act out lessons with dress up clothes and/or puppets.


We encourage families to follow along with our weekly lesson at home.


Tips for daily devotion at home:

1. Keep Them Regular: Set a specific time of day, such as during breakfast, after dinner, or before bed. Sticking to a routine will help you to incorporate it more regularly into your daily life.

2. Keep Them Easy: Have everything you need to do your devotions in a prominent place. For example, utilize a dining room table basket, include napkins, salt and peper shakers, a Bible, and a small devotional book. Even if the adults forget to initiate the devotions, your kids will see the visual and remember.

3. Keep Them Engaging: Cater your Bible teaching to the age of your children. Keep it relevant to their daily life. For younger children, keep the devotions short to coincide with their attention span.