Mission and Philosophy

 Mission Statement

Peace Lutheran Church and Early Learning Center will provide a nurturing and safe Christian environment for the development of children and the support of their families providing an exceptional academic foundation. The children will be restored, refreshed and renewed through a loving relationship with Christ.




Peace Lutheran Early Learning Center is a non-profit ministry of Peace Lutheran Church, providing a childcare program


of the highest quality designed to meet the needs of parents in the surrounding community. At Peace, all children are guided to develop their potential in every aspect of life within a sheltering and nurturing relationship of Christian love. The Center is assuming all children are individuals and must be allowed to grow and learn at their own rate and to develop healthy self-images. The children are helped to grow spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually.


Childcare frequently represents children's first separation from home. It is a first experience in learning that other adults can be helpful and loving. Children have much social learning to do. This is accomplished best in an atmosphere of love and concern for the needs of all the children. Our program is designed to encourage and develop individual strengths and abilities, while helping children understand the value of cooperation and interaction with others. This is achieved through working, learning, playing and sharing with other children as well as with adults. The Center cares for not only the child but the needs of the family and the family's spiritual life.


Vision Statement

Provide children with a loving-filled relationship with Jesus and an exceptional academic foundation for successful life-long learning.

Our Accreditations


Early Learning Coalition of SWFL



florida health

Blue Zones Project Particiapating Organization

Lets Move Childcare

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Florida Breastfeeding Coalition

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